Take a look at our most commonly asked fundraising questions below.

If there is something you’re still not sure about please contact the team at or call (02) 9085 7129.

We love to chat all things birthdays!

I need some help promoting my fundraising efforts. What can I do?

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We’re here to help you on your fundraising journey Check out a variety of downloadable resources here. There are also plenty of resources including personalised emails and posters you can download from your dashboard.

Can I set up a birthday page on behalf of someone else?

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Yes, absolutely. We see plenty of people set up birthday pages on behalf of their children. You’re never too young to start fundraising!

Will the donations from my Facebook fundraiser show on my Smith Family fundraising page?

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Where possible, we encourage you to use The Smith Family’s platform for fundraising. Unfortunately we are unable to link up Facebook donations to your fundraising page however, shoot us an email with your Facebook fundraising link and we can add these as an offline donation to your page.

Will my supporters get a receipt for their donation?

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Yes! Anyone that donates $2 or more to your online page will instantly receive their tax-deductible receipt via email. If someone makes an offline donation we can send them their receipt once we are provided with their name, donation amount and email.

My employer would like to dollar match my fundraising. What do I do?

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It’s always amazing to get a dollar match for your hard work! In these instances, please email with your name, your page URL and your organisation and we can advise you on next steps.

I raised/collected money without creating an online fundraising page. How can I get this to you?

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We do ask that, where possible, we are notified of all fundraising activities prior to them being undertaken. Any funds raised offline can be deposited to our Events Bank Account. For the details please contact us at