Ira's 1st Birthday

By Sachini Christy

Celebrating my birthday with The Smith Family!

Hi everyone, I'm Ira!

I am lucky enough to have everything I need, and so much love from all my family and friends.

However, not all children are as fortunate as me, so in lieu of a birthday gift, please donate to this important cause. By doing so you'll help the 1 in 6 Australian children living in a disadvantage to believe in themselves so that they can succeed at school.

Your donation will make a life-changing difference to these children. 

I can't wait to see you all on my special day and give you lots of cuddles. Thank you for supporting my birthday fundraiser.

Lots of love, Ira.

Thank you to my Supporters



Happy birthday to my darling Ira boy, love you heaps


Catherine Micallef



Happy Birthday gorgeous Ira!! 🥳🎉



Dear Ira, wishing you a wonderful birthday! Love from Sukku, Pradeep, Anand and Aneesha


Sachini Christy


Mokshi Kohl

Happy birthday darling boy!


Sohani, Sam And Evan

Happy birthday sweet Ira!


Christiane & Chantha

Happy Birthday Ira. We're so lucky to have you in our lives, you have the greatest parents. Love Aunty Chris & Uncle Chantha xx


Sarojini And Peter Jayawardene

Very happy to donate my I this worthy cause Sachini. We will see you’ll with your lil hero on 20th of May.


Hanh + Rob

Much love Hanh + Rob


Suba And Mohan Arulanandam



Happy 1st Birthday little Ira! You are so loved xx


Mario Jayawardena


Vanessa Towns




Ashton Owen

Rounding to $1000!


Jason Jin