Sterling Turns 1!

By Maddison Cox

Our little boy is lucky enough to have so many great people around him to support him, and we were incredibly fortunate when we celebrated our baby shower to receive so many generous gifts, some of which we are still only just getting to use and enjoy!!

We felt that the best way to celebrate Sterling's first birthday, rather than to accept gifts for him, was to do some good and give instead to families and children who need it more. In lieu of a gift, we would love to invite you to donate to the Smith Family on Sterling's behalf. 

All donations made are tax deductible. Thank you so much for being in our lives and Sterling's life and for your generosity x

Thank you to my Supporters


Jake Phillips


Michael Lee

Happy birthday sterling


Cat And Ed Scott

Happy Birthday Sterling! Lots of love Scott family xx


Maddison Cox


Conrad Papas

Happy Birthday Stirling!


Henry And Esther Green


Eleisa Hancock & Mike Cranmer

Happy 1st Birthday little Sterls! And happy surviving the first year of parenting to Mads and Brian! Love Leisy & Mikey xxx